Soul Mate Solutions is a Practitioner owned and operated metaphysical supply business. Owners, Grayson and Abbey are native to New Orleans with a rich family lineage linked both to New Orleans and European traditions. They have devoted a lifetime to studying the metaphysical and magickal arts and now wish to assist you in achieving all of your spiritual and ritual goals. Feel free to take a look around the site and call us if you have any questions or would rather us cast a spell or ritual for you.

Why did we select the name, Soul Mate Solutions? We wanted to build a site that felt like a home to like-minded kindred souls who shared the same goals. We see clients as our family. We want to earn the privilege of being the home for all of your spiritual and ritual, books and supplies and encourage your input on things you feel you want to see on the sites so please let us know!

Grayson & Abbey**

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