How Love Spells WorkMany of you may be new to ritual or spell casting and want to know how they work or what is done to make them work. So in this section of our site you will find the answers to those questions. Ritual and spell work is extremely intricate involving several things such as planetary alignment, solar alignment, moon phases and your life force. All of these things must be Precisely Right, if not timed and measured right nothing will come of the ritual or spell working. That is why we take our time and your case request is passed down to each of the twelve of us. Each taking the time to make the proper decision on how and when to cast or create the right ritual for each client.

Then all twelve of us calibrate our findings and create the perfect ritual and spell working for your matter ensuring the best and fastest results as well as the safest. Many of you ask are there tools envolved, the answer is yes depending on what is done there can be many things that are used into doing ritual or spell casting, all of which will be discussed with you in you free consultation. Some of you may ask is there any thing that needs to be done on your end? The answer is no. All that is required from your end is the Precise name and date of birth of any parties involved in your ritual or spell casting request. If you have any further questions, please feel free to click on our contact page and call in for a free consultation and we will be more then happy to answer any question you may have.

Grayson and Abbey**