Psychic ReadingsFor hundreds of years people have turned to psychics to foretell the future. Most not realizing that’s not the way it works. This ability has been given for the sole purpose of helping those who are lost on life’s path.

The future is what we make it and by working with a psychic to understand your past and how it got you to your present issues gives you the amazing gift and opportunity to mold your future however you desire it to be.

There are many psychics like us who offer a variety of readings and each is unique and you should allow yourself to be drawn to the one that is meant for you. You will always get the deepest answers this way by allowing your reading to choose you rather then you choosing it.

Sand Readings:
Sand Reading is a 3000 year old accurate tool. We use a holy sand that will contains the map of your life. It reflects your character as it is directly influenced by your energy, the planets and past lives.

Tarot Card Readings:
Traditional Tarot readings are geared to different kinds of situations and questions. Each one of them provides insights, advice, and predictive indicators regarding various aspects of your life and being.

Love and Relationship Analysis:
Transform your unsatisfying relationship into a loving, sustainable, healthy partnership between equals.

Tea Leaf Readings:
Ancients believed that the configuration of tea leaves in the cup after drinking reflected the state of the world at that particular moment. Let Drina unveil the mystery behind this ancient art.

Dream Analysis:
Dreams have been a mystery to us since Adam first breathed life. Dreams have always fascinated mankind and it’s been known that we can learn much from our dreams, if only we listen with a trained ear. A skilled psychic can interpret your dreams and provide a great deal of information about your soul.

Astrology Readings:
Diko and Drina has over 33 years of experience in the field of Astrology with the ability and knowledge to push you forward in life and gain peace and understanding for you and your loved ones. Click here for more information about Astrology Readings.

Since the beginning of time many of us have felt like we have unfinished business or words left unspoken and its not just the living that can feel this way. The spirits of our loved ones in some cases can not move on due to this and make their presence know in many ways. It’s vital for both the live and the dead to find peace as the window to cross over dose not stay open long.

Pet Reading:
Humans tend to be these pools of never ending emotions and feelings and thoughts. In some cases we try running from them, in others they hinder our emotional life as well as social life, keeping us from being productive, emotionally, healthy people. But what we do not realize is that it is the same for our animal friends and since they can not speak the hold that trauma and hurt deep with in. And that is why an energy worker can not only help translate for them but help them heal those emotional scars. Our pet readings are very in depth and to the point.

Aura Reading:
Our aura is the life force that surrounds our outer body. It is charged with energies from the seven chakras that lay within our spirit. It’s main purpose is to guide us on our life path as our destiny is programmed in its very energy field. This energy holds the key to our past and present and can aid us to mold the future we desire. Through an aura reading we can know all the rights and lefts to make in life, helping us to avoid unfortunate road blocks. This reading will also open doors of success and love as well as bring peace of mind.

Egyptian Crystal Reading:
Ancient form of scrying used for thousands of years but began in ancient Egypt performed by the high priest and priestess for the pharaoh to foresee matters of state, love, and so much more. But since then it has been used by many to summon visions on all matters little and big. As this is not a typical reading, it opens the door between this world and the next, revealing the truth, be it ugly or beautiful it will answer ones most burning questions and so much more. So be warned, it is not for the faith of heart.

Spiritual Life Coaching:
Too often in life we become lost and uncertain of life’s path and the direction. We all start out with the same simple plans and goals such to achieve great grades in school, the perfect job, and then yes true love and the ideal family in in the suburbs. But some how we all come off the rails struggling to hold our relationships together or working at a job we did not even plan on ever being at leaving our hearts mind body’s and spirit restless and our stress level through the roof. This is why a spiritual life coach is a vital service, because unlike a psychic reading, your coach is there with you always. And the difference between a life coach and a spiritual life coach is even when you’re not in contact with your spiritual life coach, you will feel their presence guiding your every move when you need them the most, so you will be at you most confident always making the right choices.